Welcome to Simply Mrs. Simpson! Happy Shopping.
Welcome to Simply Mrs. Simpson! Happy Shopping.
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Frequently Asked Questions



How do you use SimplyMrs.Simpson Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is so diverse and can be used in various ways. I place two tablespoons each morning in my smoothie or hot tea. It can also be used in your fresh juices. I have several customers that use it as a hair and face mask. You can also take two tablespoons straight from the jar.

How often should you take SimplyMrs.Simpson Sea Moss?

The recommended quantity and dosage of SimplyMrs.Simpson's Sea Moss is 2 tablespoons daily - consistency is key!

What are the benefits of sea moss gel?

Sea Moss is good for boosting the immune system, reducing mucus, increasing energy levels, facilitating weight loss, improving libido, helping with acne, eczema and burns. 

How does sea moss make you feel?

SimplyMrs.Simpson Sea Moss is full of potassium and as such, it is a natural mental/emotional support aid. High potassium foods are known to be helpful for moodiness, depression, and anxiety. I notice I have more energy and less mucus when I take sea moss daily.

What does sea moss gel tastes like?

Sea moss gel is basically flavorless, it may have a slight taste of the ocean but very mild.

 How should I store my SimplyMrs.Simpson Sea Moss gel?

SimplyMrs.Simpson Sea Moss gel should be stored in the refrigerator and can last up to 3 to 4 weeks. We recommend daily consumption, so you shouldn’t have it that long.